Goo Hye Sun annouced that she broke up with her boyfriend Goo Hye Sun annouced that she broke up with her boyfriend

Goo Hye Sun broke up with her boyfriend, this is how the actress announced it

Actress Goo Hye Sun is going through a hard time as she announced that she broke up with her boyfriend

Who was Goo Hye Sun's boyfriend? The actress revealed that she broke up with him and is going through a sad time. Her fans are showing her love and support.

Goo Hye Sun is a great drama actress who debuted in 2005 with the series 'Nonstop 5', since then her career on television continued to grow and we even saw her being part of the cast for the classic Korean drama 'Boys Over Flowers'. She is an extremely talented person and loved by her fans.

Being a public figure, Hye Sun's life has been in the public eye for a long time. The media carries a lot of information about the Korean actress to fans who want to know more about her. Goo Hye Sun was previously known to be married to Ahn Jae Hyun, but after a while, they divorced by mutual consent.

After the divorce from Goo Hye Sun, it took a long year to find out that she now had a new partner, in March 2021, the actress announced that she was dating someone. Many fans congratulated Hye Sun and were glad that she gave love another chance after all.

But sadly, there is a new news about Goo Hye Sun's love life that is sad for the actress and her fans, what happened to her?

Goo Hye Sun announces breaking up with her boyfriend with an emotional post on Instagram

Through her official Instagram account, Go Hye Sun announced that she broke up with her boyfriend. The actress only posted her description in her 'I broke up with my boyfriend' post, while in the shared photos and videos of her she looks really sad and teary-eyed.

Goo Hye Sun is really sad about her break up | Instagram: @kookoo900

Goo Hye Sun's fans are giving her the best messages, although it may take longer for her to recover, but she's fine. We all take a different time to heal and feel better.

Who was Goo Hye Sun's boyfriend?

Goo Hye Sun never revealed for sure who her boyfriend was. She only announced that she was already dating someone in March 2021, she previously said that she would only reveal the identity of her boyfriend if she married him as she wanted to protect him and also she was in the process of trusting her. person. So she kept her partner anonymous and now they broke up.

Who is Goo Hye Sun's ex-boyfriend? | Instagram: @kookoo900

We hope that Goo Hye Sun takes her time to heal and feel better, a breakup is always hard to get over. We wish the best for this Korean actress.

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