Yoona and Junho Yoona and Junho

Girls' Generation's Yoona and 2PM's Junho together for the new drama 'King the Land'

The new drama "King the Land" has confirmed Yoona from Girls' Generation and 2PM's Junho for the lead roles. Here is all the information.

The member of Girls' Generation Yoona have an wide acting career. She has offered somo classic K-Dramas like "Love Rain" or "The K2". She also has prove herself as a skilful actress in films with differents genres. However, the public is happy to hear that we can see her in a romantic comedy again.

This time she will be working with her colleague Junho from the K-Pop group 2PM. The actor of "Just Between Lovers" will be taking the lead role for the upcoming drama "King the Land". We can’t wait to see them together! 

What is the show about? We are telling you everything.

Junho and Yoona together for a new drama

The actors and Idols Yoona from Girls' Generation and Junho from 2PM were casted for the new K-Drama "King the Land".

Junho will be in the male lead Goo Won, the son of a rich family who owns companies of luxury hotels, airline and distribution business. He is an elegant and charismatic man but with no experience in the romance world.

Yoona plays the role of Chun Sa Rang, a hotelier who decides to work at "King the Land" because of her happy childhood memories in that hotel. She is a bright person with a contagious beautiful smile. The character fits perfectly to Yoona.

Junho and Yoona at the 2021 MBC Music Festival / By @pkjimin_bts

After their performance at the 2021 MBC Music Festival, the public is anxious to see that amazing chemistry in the show.

The filming will begin in the second half of 2022. It will be produced by NPIO Entertainment and BY4M Studio.

Are you excited to see the actors together on the screen? We are!

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