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Fantasy historical K-Dramas that will take you into another world

Do you like the historical K-Dramas? If you like shows that took place in ancient Korea, you're gonna love these, but, today's recommendation includes a little bit of fantasy.

The Korean film industry knows how to benefit from their history. Is usual to see the traditional culture of this country in movies or shows.

For those who are fanatics of Korean entertainment it's a great opportunity to know more about their folklore. The dramas in this list are located too many years ago in Korea but the stories have a fantasy plot that are amazing to see on the screen.

We know you are already curious. Let's dive into this awesome world.

Historical Korean dramas with fantasy plots

'Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo' poster / By @BrendaM53737384

Let's begin with "Moon Lovers". Here IU played the role of Go Hajin. She is a woman that is having a hard time because of a breakup. Suddenly, she gets transported to the Goryeo Dynasty period in Korea.

We'll see how she struggles to adapt herself in this world. It is a beautiful romance story. The public of this show is wishing for a second season. If you want to know the reason you should watch the drama.

'Kingdom' poster / By @thefoxholeradio

The original Netflix series "Kingdom" has conquered the public from all over the world. The show mixed historicas, action fantasy and thriller at the same time. The tense story shows a little bit of the corruption in the noble family.

The prince of Joseon, Lee Chang is trying to figure out the origin of a particular disease. He will face a  big problem: zombie apocalypse. Will the Kingdom survive?

'Scholar Who Walks the Night' poster / By @camiarmy94

This recommendation includes time travelers and zombies, what else can we find in a historical drama? Yes, vampires! We'll see Lee Joong Gi in the role of this fantastic creature.

Kim Sung Yeol is a 120 year old vampire who is in charge of taking care of the rules of the vampire world. He is carrying the pain of the loss of his lover. Sounds good, right?

Have you watched these K-Dramas?

If you like this genre, check out this fantasy K-Dramas starring Lee Dong Wook.

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