Park Eun Bin for Allure Korea Park Eun Bin for Allure Korea

'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' star, Park Eun Bin tops the celebrity brand value list

Park Eun Bin is conquering the public in and outside Korea. The protagonist of "Extraordinary Attorney Woo" is now the celebrity with the highest brand value.

Everyone is talking about the beautiful story of "Extraordinary Attorney Woo". The plot is very unique, the cast is wonderful and the chemistry between the protagonist is out of this world. Is impossible not to love this K-Drama.

It follows the story of a lawyer with autism named Woo Young Woo. She is a smart lady who has been working really hard to get hired by a prestigious law firm. However, social interactions are not easy for her.

'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' poster / Twitter @DiarioDeDoramas

This beloved character is played by the actress Park Eun Bin. She has been receiving tons of praises from viewers and critics. Her performance is brilliant! This gorgeous lady is now super popular in Korea.

Park Eun Bin dominates the Star Brand Value list

On July 31st the Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation revealed its brand reputation monthly report. According to the institute, Park Eun Bin is now the Korean celebrity with the best brand value of the moment.

Park Eun Bin for 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' / Twitter @MSlilue

The actress is leading the Star Brand Value list with more than 12 million points. The soccer player Song Heung Min got the second position with over 7 million points. The trot singer Lim Young Woong and the popular skater Yuna Kim are also in the top 5.

This list is created after analyzing the positive comments of the general public on social media. It reflects how popular a celebrity is and her/his reputation.

Kang Tae Oh, who plays The Extraordinary Attorney Woo's male lead role is in the top 10 as well. Meanwhile, we can also find the K-Pop artists IU, BLACKPINK, BTS, and PSY here. Congratulation to all of them!

This beloved drama has now a webtoon version. We have all the details for you.

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