The scene in Extraordinary Attorney Woo that went viral The scene in Extraordinary Attorney Woo that went viral

Extraordinary Attorney Woo had a scene that charmed the world and went viral

Kang Tae Oh and Park Eun Bin starred in a scene in Extraordinary Attorney Woo that took the world by storm

'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' we're all loving it and this K-Drama just had a big scene that went viral, what's going on in this one?

Initially, 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' had an average audience, but as its story has progressed, we can see that the public is really enjoying this series and that it is conquering the whole world. This can be seen through Netflix and stars Park Eun Bin and Kang Tae Oh.

In this K-Drama we meet a woman who has autism and is a lawyer, she is excellent at her job although on a social level she has a hard time relating to other people. Despite this, she is making a great effort to break paradigms and discover more of the world and her feelings in her own way.

The main couple has had a great development, we really love the characters Woo Young Woo and Lee Jun Ho. They both have a special dynamic and great chemistry on screen. It seems that soon their feelings will be reflected in each other and the public is really excited about it.

This is why one of the most recent scenes between Woo Young Woo and Lee Jun Ho went viral. What happened in this one? Here we have all the details on why Kang Tae Oh melted the hearts of fans of this K-Drama.

Kang Tae Oh and Park Eun Bin star in the best scene of Extraordinary Attorney Woo that went viral

In the latest episode of Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Woo actually wants to know how she really feels about Jun Ho, so she follows the advice of her friend who told her that she should touch him to find out if she really likes him, if her heart races when she does it. So as soon as Woo gets the chance she asks Jun Ho to let her touch him and the response is what melted the hearts of the audience.

Woah! The worst or best thing about this scene is that we don't really know if Woo touched Jun Ho or not, LOL. They left us there in the middle of a cliffhanger, help! So this is what everyone is loving.

Netizens' reactions are even funnier to this scene from Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Everyone is posting their reaction on Twitter and more social media to this scene from 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' and it seems that Kang Tae Oh already has the whole world on his hands with this performance. We are definitely all loving him in his role as Lee Jun Ho!

Reaction to this scene in Extraordinary Attorney Woo | Twitter: @youmetheyuswe

We will continue to enjoy 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' and its epic scenes starring the main couple of this great Korean drama.

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