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Everything you need to know about Single's Inferno Season 2

Sucessful Netflix serie 'Single's Inferno' will realese a second season. What we'll see in part two of the show?

Netflix offers a big variety of content for the public. In some cases the projects of the platform receive an unexpected great response. This happened with Single's Inferno.

Reality shows are not a new thing. Not long ago, realities were a classic on TV's programmation. Nowadays this type of shows are into the streaming platforms. Let's be honest, we all love to watch strangers living real moments, those that happen out of "scrips".

Last December Single's Inferno became the reality of the moment. The Korean show put together 12 single people who are looking for love. They would spend some days on a desert island. If they get a date, then, they could go to "paradise" a luxury penthouse.

Single's Inferno promotional / By @DeirAmeba

For the first season the producers casted mostly participants who fit into the "fitness" concept. Obviously to adapt them to the "hot summer beach" style of the reality.

6 handsome boys and 6 beautiful girls, we saw them flitting to each other and sometimes, creating love triangles. For the fans of this kind of spicy story, we have great news for you: The show is coming back with season 2!

Netflix is producing Single's Inferno Season 2

The confirmation for the second season of the dating reality Single's Inferno is here. On April 12 Netflix announced the show will be on production pretty soon.

This time the show will recruit people through social media. The platform didn't said what kind of profile are they looking for, but the cast members of the latest season gave us an idea:

Song Jia, Kim Hyun Joong, An Yeawon, Choi Sihun, Kang Soyeon, Moon Sehoon, Seong Minji, Oh Jin Taek, Shin Jiyeon, Kim Junsik, Kim Sumin and Cha Hyun Seung. Who was your favorite? Did you have a "ship"?

We have to wait for new information about the season. Meanwhile, we'll have a list of some other Korean shows to watch on Netflix.

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