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Choi Si Hun, 'Single's Inferno' participant, will act in the BL Drama 'New Employee'

Who was your favorite "Single's Inferno" contestant?  Choi Si Hun's fans, you need to be ready, he will act in the upcoming drama "New Employee".

Last year, Netflix and the Korean industry gave us tons of super popular shows. This duet never fails. Here you can find the best horror stories, romance and even realities. Yes, we are talking about the famous dating show "Single's Inferno".

This show gathered 12 participants on an island. There, all these gorgeous personalities were facing challenges to find a date and finally go to heaven. It was a global sensation, for sure you had a favorite.

Choi Si Hum participated in 'Single's Inferno' / Twitter @korelendik

Some of the contestants got a lot of popularity after the show was released. Their fans are wondering if they will back to the public light. Well, for those who fell for Choi Si Hun, we have great news for you. He will work on an upcoming K-Drama.

Choi Si Hun is confirmed to appear in the BL Drama "New Employee"

The streaming platform Watcha is working on a new drama based on the webtoon "New Employee". On June 30th was revealed that Choi Si Hun is taking a role in this show.

'New Employee' Webtoon poster / HTwitter @kdrama_scene1

This drama will follow the love story between Jongchan and Seunghuyn, two employees of an advertising company. The rookie actor will portray the first love of Seunghyuns, a character named Yoo Sung.

The global public is really excited to see this type of show produced in Korea. The genre BL (Boy's Love) has been increasing its popularity in Thailand, the Philipines, Japan and some other Asian countries. Now, Korea is showing interest in the genre as well.

There is no date release yet, but we are waiting for more details about it. What do you think about it? Would you like to watch this drama?

Meanwhile, check these short K-Dramas. You'll watch a great story in just two episodes.

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