Lee Jong Suk in press conference Lee Jong Suk in press conference

'Big Mouth' staff surprises Lee Joung Suk with lovely birthday party at the K-Drama's set

'Big Mouth' is finally here! The production staff prepared a lovely party for Lee Jong Suk's birthday.

The superstar Lee Jong Suk is back on the small screen! The global public has been waiting patiently for the beloved actor. Well, the long waiting has finally come to an end, and the viewers are not disappointed.

The first episode of "Big Mouth" was just released. The public is already loving the great chemistry between Lee Jung Suk and Yoona of Girls' Generation. This couple is super charismatic.

Yoona and Lee Jong Suk / Twitter @leejongsukfiles

It seems like the behind scenes, there is also an amazing relationship between the actors and staff. at least that is what we can watch on the film set. This is how the production celebrated Lee Jong Suk's birthday.

'Big Mouth' production staff held a birthday party for Lee Jong Suk

Just a few hours after the 1st episode premiere, MBC dropped a video behind the scenes of "Big Mouth". We see the gentle Lee Jong Suk talking with the director about his role. The actor was a little bit nervous.

Lee Jong Suk is playing the role of Park Chang Ho, a lawyer who is married to Go Mi Ho, the character played by Yoona. The couple was filming a dinner scene with Lee Ki Young. Suddenly, some members of the staff started to sing 'Happy Birthday'.

The production prepared a cake to celebrate Lee Jong Suk's birthday. The handsome actor was really moved by the surprise. He tanked the staff before making a wish and blowing the candles.

They finished the celebration with a cute selfie. The set is full just with good vibes. Also, The actor is adorable while filming. Check more of the recording in this video.

Don't miss these fun facts about Lee Jong Suk. You have to be ready for this engaging drama.

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