Yoona and Lee Jong Suk for 'Big Mouth' Yoona and Lee Jong Suk for 'Big Mouth'

'Big Mouth' is almost here! MBC drops new Lee Jong Suk preview pictures

Lee Jong Suk and Yoona are the protagonists of the upcoming drama "Big Mouth". Here are new previews for the anticipated series.

Lee Jong Suk is finally back on the small screen! The handsome actor is working on a new drama with another superstar: Yoona of Girls' Generation. This explosive duet will be the lead couple of "Big Mouth".

This anticipated show follows the life of a lawyer and his wife. Out of nowhere, the marriage will live tons of hardships since he is facing a corrupt elite group. The plot sounds pretty interesting, right?

'Big Mouth' poster / Twitter @LeeIri_

In just a few hours more their first episode will be here. In order to increase the expectations, MBC is letting us see more of Lee Jung Suk in his role. We are telling you everything about this attractive story.

MBC reveals new previews for 'Big Mouth'

On July 27th new photos of the K-Drama 'Big Mouth' were revealed. This time we see Lee Jong Suk in his role as Park Chang Ho. He is a lawyer with some professional issues. In these pictures, he is at the court with his father-in-law Go Ki Kwang (Lee Ki Young).

'Big Mouth' preview photo / Twitter @Kdramastars1

We can notice that both of them are truly concerned. Their facial expressions are on point, they look very worried about the results. In one of the pictures, these characters are surrounded by their clients. They are obviously upset.

Lee Jong Suk for 'Big Mouth' / Twitter @Kdramastars1

As just we said, Park Chang Ho is initially a lawyer with a bad reputation. He mostly lost the cases. This photo is showing us his failure in court. Because of these problems, his marriage is also damaged.

'Big Mouth' preview / Twitter @pkjimin_bts

Suddenly, his life will change after he solves a case. Unfourtanly, he discovers a giant conspiracy, and now the couple will fight to survive in this cruel environment. 

'Big Mouth' will be premiered on July 29th (KST). Are you ready for the show? Before watching the drama, check these fun facts about Lee Jong Suk.

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