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BTS’ Jimin private documents were stolen from his mailbox

imin from BTS is having a difficult time because of his apartment seizure. The fans are releasing that the media that published it stole some documents from the Idol.

Jimin from BTS and his close friend Ha Sung Woon released their collab for the Original Soundtrack of the Korean Drama "Our Blues". The song "With You" is breaking records in the global music industry.

While the artists were getting great news about their music, Jimin was also in a complicated situation. Even though the problem was already clarified, the fans are calling out the media that exposed Jimin's situation for stealing him private documents.

We have for you the full story.

Jimin from BTS / By @cloundkia

Jimin's apartment face seizure because of arrears

On April 25 the Korean media BizHankook reported that Jimin's luxury apartment in the residential area Nine One Hannam was facing seizure. According to the media, this action was the result of Jimin arrears for the health insurance premiums.

Immediately, the agency of the Idol released a statement to explain the situation. HYBE reveleaded Jimin wasn't aware that the premiums were overdue because the label was in charge of these matters while he was working out of Korea. HYBE added it was a company mistake and:

After he found out, he immediately paid the arrears in full and the case was closed.

Army is asking the agency to protect Jimin's privacy

According to HYBE the label takes care of BTS' mail while they're working overseas. This time, some mail was lost in the process. 

The fans are releasing the media that broke the news could be the ones who stole those documents from Jimin mailbox. Apparently, they wait to publish the note until the "With You" date release.

'Our Blues' OST poster / By @BTSOurGalaxyMx

ARMYs from all over the world are asking for HYBE to investigate the issue and protect the BTS members' privacy. ARMY, ,are you feeling upset with this incident?

Read more about Jimin's record with the release of "With you".

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