Jisoo from BLACKPINK Jisoo from BLACKPINK

BLACKPINK's Jisoo looks stunning as ambassador of Cartier

BLACKPINK members work ,on collaboration for various luxury brands. Jisoo is now a global ambassador of the freanch company Cartier.

The members of BLACKPINK are well known for their good taste in fashion. These beautiful Idols always look sophisticated and trendy. Nowadays they are important influencers. As soon as they reveal an outfit the internet will try hard to figure out what clothes they are wearing.

The biggest brands in the world already know how powerful these ladies are. Those companies didn't waste the time and look for the girls to be ambassadors of important and exclusive brands.

A few weeks ago Jisoo was the main guest at the Dior fashion show in Seoul. The gorgeous Idol made the Internet crazy with her black dress. Apparently, last year this expensive brand increased its sales since the singer became the face of the house design.

Jisoo for Dior / By @BPINKLATINO

The singer of "How You Like That" is joining a new brand to promote its products. Here is all the information.

Cartier revealed that Jisoo is the new ambassador of the brand.

On May 23 the French luxury brand Cartier announced that Jisoo is now a global ambassador. Arnaud Carrez, the vicepresidente explained why the company looked for the Idol for this work.

She is full of confidence and talent and is now afraid to show her capabilities to the world, and she acts as the voice of the new generation.

Jisoo for Cartier / By @NEWSJISOO

The family of ambassadors of this brand is called the Panthére. Jisoo will joining to Annabelle Wallis, Ella Balinska, Mariacarla Boscono, Emma Chamberlain and more.

The first photo of Jisoo in collab with the brand are already all over social media. She looks amazing. Her beauty is not a joke!

Read this article to know more about what other brands BLACKPINK members are working with.

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