Jisoo is nominated as Best New Actress Jisoo is nominated as Best New Actress

BLACKPINK's Jisoo is nominated for best new actress at the Blue Dragon Awards

For her work in Snowdrop, BLACKPINK's Jisoo has been nominated at the Blue Dragon Series Awards

Jisoo had her first leading role in 'Snowdrop' and this year it is already paying off as she has been nominated as best new actress for the Blue Dragon Series Awards.

BLACKPINK is a group full of very talented idols, all of whom have worked hard on their songs and performances for BLINK. But they also have other talents like Kim Jisoo, who is not only a great singer and dancer in her girl group, she has also worked as an actress.

Jisoo had participated in some projects with supporting roles and small cameos, until 2021. That's when Jisoo had her first leading role in a K-Drama. 'Snowdrop' was the first production where we could see this BP idol shine in all her splendor as a great actress.

'Snowdrop' since its planning was surrounded by controversy, as in its premiere because the Korean public believed that reality was being distorted in this drama. Still, it continued to air, and Jisoo's international fans were able to see her shine. This K-Drama was broadcast on Disney+ worldwide.

And Jisoo's great work in 'Snowdrop' is already receiving its first fruits, as the BLACKPINK idol has been nominated for best new actress in one of the most important awards in the field.

Jisoo is nominated for Best New Actress at the Blue Dragon Series Awards for her work in Snowdrop

Jisoo has received her first nomination as an actress, at the Blue Dragon Series Awards she is a candidate to receive the Best New Actress award for her role in 'Snowdrop'. In this K-Drama we saw her as Eun Young Ro, a student who fell in love at first sight with a boy who was not really what she seemed to be.

Jisoo is nominated for Blue Dragon Awards | Twitter: @@JISOOKIMDOTCOM

Jisoo could also receive the popularity award at this award show that will be held on July 19, 2022. We are ready to see Kim Jisoo shine at this award show.

Snowdrop got other nominations as well, which ones could he win?

'Snowdrop' got more nominations at the Blue Dragon Series Awards, this K-Drama could triumph in the 'Best Drama' categories and Jung Hae In was also nominated for 'Best Actor'. We hope that the results are positive for this great series that we all love.

Snowdrop is nominated for three categories in total | Twitter: @__holliekfilms

We will be aware of this award on July 19, it will be spectacular to know if Jisoo and Snowdrop won the awards in which they were nominated.

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