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All of Us Are Dead: These are the differences between the types of zombies

The director decided to add some variations between the zombies

One of the most successful K-Dramas recently worldwide is All of Us Are Dead, which has undoubtedly come to sweep the popularity charts within the content of streaming platforms with resounding success.

Netflix has opted to make its productions with Korean talent due to the boom that these stories have among audiences of different ages, so in this way they are guaranteeing to attract many more people to their platform in order to see their content and continue generating more movies. and series.

All of Us Are Dead | @Netflix

These are the different types of zombies that exist in the drama

This K-Drama 'All of Us Are Dead' is a story that tells the story of a group of high school students who must survive a virus that has transformed their classmates into zombies, so they must work as a team to get out alive. But have you ever wondered why there are different types of zombies?

Gwi Nam | @Netflix

In the words of its director Lee Jae Kyu, he explains the differences that exist between zombies, since the villain of this story is Gwi Nam, who, despite being a zombie, retains his human consciousness and approves of any attack, seeming immortal. While Nam Ra who was the smartest student in the classroom also remains human but sometimes transforms into an attacker having zombie impulses.

Nam Ra | @Netflix

The director decided to create some variations in order to further the story in the future that is why Gwi Nam is immortal while Nam Ra is immune. Thus, he also revealed that he was inspired by the variations that COVID has had throughout this pandemic to be able to create his story where only some people contract the virus despite having lived in the same environment.

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