Lee Yoo Mi actress of All Of Us Are Dead said she likes BTS Lee Yoo Mi actress of All Of Us Are Dead said she likes BTS

All Of Us Are Dead's Lee Yoo Mi loves BTS for this reason

Lee Yoo Mi actress of All Of Us Are Dead confessed that BTS music helped her to be more self-confident

The Hallyu (Korean Wave) has become more and more present on the small screen, especially when these entertainment series, better known as K-dramas, become popular as it happened with the series "Squid Game", because thanks to this series that was liked by all kinds of audiences managed to position itself among the Top of the list of recommendations of Netflix.

Now the Korean series "All Of Us Are Dead" has given much to talk about and has also become very popular. This horror series is based on a Japanese manga and has repeated the same formula of other movies, however it has won the hearts of the public with its characters, its plot and of course the special effects that surround the series.

As the name says, the series is about a group of students who are trapped in their school due to a virus that turns them into zombies. The students try at all costs not to get infected and do everything they can to survive this new epidemic.

The cast of this series is very varied and we can find one of the actresses who participated in "Squid Game" is Lee Yoo Mi, who played "Ji Yeong" in that series and now plays Lee Na Yeon in "All Of Us Are Dead". 
In 2018, this rising actress gave an interview where she confessed that music had helped her get inspired to have better self-confidence.

Twitter @kiss_seven7 / Lee Yoo Mi acted in Squid game and All Of Us Are Dead

Lee Yoo Mi learned to love herself thanks to music

Lee Yoo Mi, being an actress, it is not easy to deal with her looks and although the actress has a lovely face, at some point she felt insecure about her looks. In an interview that was conducted with the actress in 2018, she mentioned that music had inspired her to be better and have a good self-esteem. 

Twitter @kiss_seven7 / Lee Yoo Mi confessed that she liked BTS

Lee Yoo Mi said that she wanted to get a nose job because she didn't like the way she looked but she listened to BTS and that helped her to accept herself.
According to the actress said that BTS' LOVE YOURSELF album helped her a lot to accept herself and love herself as she is.  The drama star surprised everyone with this statement as it seems that she is also ARMY and the band helped her feel better about her appearance.

Now Lee Yo Min continues to dazzle us on the small screen with her great performances and hopefully in the future she will join more projects where we can see her grow professionally.

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