Ahn Bo Hyun for 'Yumi's cells' Ahn Bo Hyun for 'Yumi's cells'

Ahn Bo Hyun in talks to star the new K-Drama 'See You In My 19th Life'

The actor Ahn Bo Hyun could be taking the main role in a new drama. Is he accepting the offer for 'See You In My 19th Life'?

Did you watch "Fight for My Way"? Yes? Well, the director of this successful K-Drama is confirmed for a new project "See You In My 19th Life", a webtoon based story.

Just a few months ago, we received the information that the actress Shin Hyesun is considering taking the main role of the show. She will be a woman who is trying to find a man that she used to know in her previous life.

Now, FN Entertainment has revealed Ahn Bo Hyun could be that man. Would you like to see this couple on screen? We are telling you the details.

Ahn Bo Hyun for 'My Name' / By @jkookietales

Ahn Bo Hyun in a Webtoon romantic drama

Ahn Bo Hyun could be the protagonist of the new drama "See You In My 19th Life". On April 12 the agency of the actor, FN Entertainment, said he get a casting offer for the show. Apparently, he is thinking positively about the project.

It is an original webtoon story created by Lee Hey. The drama follows Ban Ji Eum, a woman  who can remember everything about her past lives. This character will be in a romantic drama with Moon Seoha the male lead. He is the son of a rich family who suffered a car accident trauma since he was 9 years old.

'My Name' poster / By @xchur

Ahn Bo Hyun previous projects include "My Name" and "Itaewon Class", this time his fans want to see him in a romantic story. If you liked "My Name", check another dramas of his colleague Han So Hee.

What do you think about it? The story sounds good, right?

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