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5 K-Pop idols' tattoos you didn't know about and their meaning

Although in countries like South Korea tattoos are not seen with very good eyes and it is even forbidden to make them without a medical license, K-Pop singers are full of them and some have a very deep meaning. Keep reading to find out more.

  • K-Pop bands are mainly from South Korea and in that country getting a tattoo is not as easy as it is for us in The States, artists must have a medical license to make them.
  • Most of Korean Pop singers have ink on their bodies and often show them off on social media, but they have to cover them with stickers on TV performances.
  • Recently we discovered that BTS member, Jungkook had most of his arm covered with tattoos, and we've never noticed it before so it was a huge surprised to the rapper's fans.

Nowadays having tattoos on the body is something we take naturally.

However, this was not always the case, in the past only certain groups of people wore tattoos and in fact they were not very well regarded by society.

Luckily times have changed and expressing our feelings or capturing some important passage in our life is something normal and natural.

There we can see how she has the tatoo covered fot the music video

These 5 K-Pop idols that we chose for you carry tattoos that have a very deep meaning for them and that portray the way they see the world or themselves.

Let's check them out!


Jimin's Nevermind tatoo

The singer of the hit band BTS has the word Nevermind tattooed on his rib.

This reflects the way he sees life and how the artist only concentrates on the important things, letting go of all those that do not bring him anything positive.

2. Tiffany Young.

Tiffany Young's tattoo

The member of the iconic band Girl's Generation is very fond of delicate tattoos.

On her body the singer has several, however one stands out that was made not long ago on Young's foot and which means Today, always and forever.

Many believe that it is a tattoo of friendship with other members of the band.

Is so sweet!


There we can see his tattoo

In this case we are faced with a proud member of Winner.

So much so that he decided to tattoo the logo of his band on the back of his neck.

That's passion for the job!


Another very committed to his art is this EXO's rapper.

On Chanyeol's arm you can read ‘L-1485’ which is the anniversary date of this successful K-Pop band.


This is the K-Pop idol with the most tattoos.

It belongs to BTS and among many inks you can read the phrase Stay Away from the band Nirvana and also the classic rock gesture on his hand.

Apparently he'd rather belong to a K-Rock band. LOL

Which one's your favorite?

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