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Life hack: How to fold a plastic bag perfectly

Have you already had a shelf full of messy nylon bags? This video from a TikTok user below shows you the perfect way to save space, tidy up your home, and to carry a large bag with you everywhere.

  • User @deb1974 from England demonstrated the ultimate way to fold a bag, and she got instantly more than 80.000 likes. 
  • She posted the video while hearing the music from Britney Spears - Baby One More time  one of the most listened songs on YouTube with more than 500 million views!
  • Comments like "you saved my life" and "this is just too easy to be true" were found among the other 1200 comments the post received.
One of the TikTok comments thanking the user. Source: TikTok

And here is the video:

These are the 5 steps so you can remember the technique:

1. Place the bag on a flat surface
2. Fold the bag horizontally in 3
3. Fold the bag vertically in 3
4. Fold the bag in half, 2 times in order to get a perfect triangle
5. Use the bag handles to secure 

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