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5 ways to avoid bloating and have a flat tummy

Having a flat stomach isn't necessarily related to losing weight. Weight loss can be one of the many factors to help you reach your summer goal, but first you have to make sure your tummy isn't just full of air. Bloating sensation can be very uncomfortable. According to The London Nutritionist, Jo Travers, bloating is caused "by a build-up of gas in the gut produced as a by-product of bacterial digestion". This means you probably ate something that you couldn't digest properly. However, figuring out what it was exactly that made you bloated isn't always that simple. 

  • Fortunately professional dietitian, Jo Travers has some easy to follow solutions to help with immediate bloating as well as ways of preventing it. Travers is a London based nutritionist who has worked with BBC and has also launched her own YouTube channel.
  • Check out the video to see how you can stop bloating and start feeling better!
Bloating isn't necessarily serious but it can be very uncomfortable
  1. Sometimes it can be as easy as farting! Yes, that's right. Nothing to be embarrassed by, just try to do it in private!
  2. Take a probiotic. This will help regulate your intestinal bacteria. Choose one with a high bacterial count. Check out the best probiotic food you can add to your diet.
  3. To avoid bloating in the future you might want to add more fiber to your diet.
  4. Believe it or not getting a full night sleep can help regulate your gut microbiome.
  5. Try meditating. It may sound funny,but sometimes stress can cause bloating too.

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