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5 disinfection measures before using your car

Pandemic is slowly decreasing, and we are all coming back to the "new normal" life. That means, going slowly to the office, road trips on the weekend and being stuck in traffic. Here are the most important health tips you should take before driving. Check it out!

  • After the first coronavirus outbreak, you can now take as many people as you like on your vehicle and you can choose if you use a face mask or not.
  • In terms of public transport, it's still mandatory to use protection. In the taxis or Ubers you could be fine for not using mask.
  • Still, there are a couple of hygiene considerations that you should take while driving or using your boat/airplane/helicopter/flyboard
Clean your seatbelts often, they can keep bacteria for a long time.

Read our article about the COVID-19 hygiene measures for flying if you are interested in knowing more about the subject!

For having a virus-free space in your vehicle you should follow these 5 steps:

1. Start with an ozone cleanse, that kills most of the bacteria and germs, as well as cleaning the air conditioning system. 
2. Clean deeply the most common contact surfaces like door handles, steering wheel and gear lever.
3. Check your seat belts and clean specially the metal surfaces that can keep viruses longer than plastic.
4. Clean the air filter from your air conditioning system
5. Control the pressure of your tires. You are probably using the car less than before, so be careful because it could be dangerous. 

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