Dakota Johnson's list of boyfriends Dakota Johnson's list of boyfriends

You won't believe who is in Dakota Johnson's dating history

The famous actress from 50 Shades of Gray has been dating Coldplay singer Chris Martin since 2017. However, the 43-year-old hit singer hasn't been the only man or woman in her life. What? Read on to find out what we mean!

  • Dakota Mayi Johnson was born 30 years ago in Austin, Texas.
  • Mother actress Melanie Griffith and father actor Don Johnson ended their relationship in 1996 but remain good friends.
  • From her career as model and actress, Dakota has grossed an estimated net north of $14 million. 

Investigating the history of relationships of the actress of How to Be Single we realized that this girl is very into long-term relationships.

On top of that, we found out that it could be that her tastes and dates weren't just with men!

In an interview that the daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson gave for Vogue magazine in 2017 Dakota left to see that she could be bi.

That is why you will be surprised with the last member of our list of Dakota Johnson loves.

Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson having lunch

1. Chris Martin.

As we have already told you, they have been dating since 2017 when he divorced fellow actress Gwenyth Paltrow on very good terms.

The relationship between the actress and the singer is solid and very private.

Dakota and Matt Hitt.

2. Matt Hitt.

In case you don't know, Matt is a 33-year-old model and musician, leader of the indie rock group American-Welsh.

The former couple was back and forth between 2014 and 2016.

The actress and Jordan Masterson

3. Jordan Masterson.

The 34-year-old actor of The 40-Year-Old Virgin dated the actress of The High Note in 2013.

The were spotted together several times, but we never knew when they split.

The former couple spotted taking a walk

4. Noah Gersh.

The guitarist of former Portugal and current Party Baby indie rock band was her longest relationship so far. They met in 2006 while in high school and stayed together for 6 long years.

Sometime in 2012 they decided to call it quits and try new things.

It's like the How to Be Single plot. LOL

5. Cara Delevigne.

Believe it or not it has been seriously rumored that this two celebrities dated back in 2015.

Fans have the theory that the two former models and now actresses were more than friends.

They shared a lot of pics on social media and even were spotted hanging out with Taylor Swift and Zoe Kravitz.

After the Vogue interview everyone's been looking at their friendship with a magnifying glass.

Here's a video that supports our theory, watch it.

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