What is Keanu Reeves secret to looking so miraculously young?

At Yaay! We’re such big fans of Keanu. He is just a normal-cool guy who always manages to keep his private life away from the Hollywood spotlight. It’s so delightful to see the actor going through the best moment of his career. Scroll down to find out the secret behind his action hero body at age 55!

  • He was born in Beirut, Lebanon. However, he has Canadian nationality because he grew up in Toronto.
  • Keanu was a member and bass player of rock bands Dogstar and Becky.
  • The star is the owner of Arch Motorcycle Company which sells and manufactures bespoke motorcycles.
  • For the film 'John Wick' he had to train his entire body and his trainer showed how difficult can it be.

Keanu Reeves is not a new kid on the block. He has had an amazing career and now at 55 he still looks youthful and has made a big comeback. His breakthrough was in the 1991 movie “My Own Private Idaho”.  He later starred in favorites memorable blockbuster movies such as “Speed” and Bram Stoker's “Dracula” in the 90s.

The actor owes his rise to fame to his leading role as Neo in “The Matrix” that made him into one of the most iconic Hollywood stars. Keanu is also well-known for his acclaimed character “John Wick”, a retired hit man seeking revenge.

He is once again embarking on another chapter in his remarkable cinematographic journey. The successful trilogy is returning and we are all super excited with the announcement of a fourth installment in 2022.

Keanu Reeves looking fit 

He revealed the secret behind his fresh and radiant looks. It’s all because of his carefully designed workout routine. Keanu made a gym program based on resistance and balance.

His goal is to build muscle but not by lifting weights like crazy. The star doesn’t want to make his body suffer. So he mixes a high-intensity routine with low-impact exercises and he also focuses on rest. He starts training five months in advance of shooting.

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