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What has been Hollywood up to?

Since the pandemic began earlier this year, all the major Hollywood productions have been put on hold. The audience is going crazy to see their favorite characters on screen again. Many sequels are waiting to be released. Let's see what the latest news is regarding new movies.

  • It's estimated that global box offices may have lost over $5 billion since March due to the pandemic.
  • Almost all major industry events had to be cancelled or held virtually. Like this year's Emmy Awards.
  • Streaming platforms like Netflix were benefited by the situation, setting subscripts record.


Let's see what's Hollywood up to these days.

Tom Cruise shooting in Norway under strict protocol measures.
No Time To Die poster, announcing November as premiere date.

It seems risky to release a movie like this with such a high budget in the middle of a pandemic and with most movie theaters closed.

The original premiere of the film was in April but with the lockdown it was abandoned. The studio can't afford to postpone its premiere any longer and it will happen this year no matter what.

John Krasisnsky at av scene in The Office.

The name of John Krasinski has been sounding to embody Captain America himself.

Apparently there could be a version of the hero in an alternate dimension from the next Doctor Strange movie.

In fact, actor Krasinski auditioned a decade ago to become Captain America, and although the role went to Chris Evans, the studio has not forgotten about him.

Fans are already seeing it happen.

We'll see if this happens. It'd be curious at the least.

We are happy to finally bring some news from the world of cinema.

We can't wait to get back to movie theaters.

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