What is Global James Bond Day and why are we celebrating it? What is Global James Bond Day and why are we celebrating it?

What is Global James Bond Day and why are we celebrating it?

After 53 years, the 007 franchise keeps selling millions around the world. October 5th is the official James Bond Day after the release of the first movie Dr. No in 1962. We love to celebrate and after the 50th party in 2012 when the singer Adele performed the song for "Skyfall" we want to keep the party going! Read more below!  

  • Sam Smith released the official song and music video "Writing's on The Wall" for Spectre in 2015.
  • This year Billie Eilish was chosen and her music video "No Time To Die" got over 10 million views in 4 days.
  • James Bond has been part of the English and American culture for years and it will be like this for decades to come. 

Today we celebrate romance. We celebrate action. We celebrate our wildest dreams. Because James Bond, the handsome agent that stays in luxury suites, has the most gorgeous women around him and uses the fanciest gadgets, is in our hearts.

007 is not only a symbol. It's a money making machine that Hollywood producers want to keep using. Since 1962 the franchise has sold millions of books, movies, toys, clothing and even computer games. It's worth? Almost $20 billion.

All the James Bond actors

James takes us from our office chairs (home comfy sofa if you're doing home office) and takes us to a wild adventure that everyone would love to be in. 

Thank you, our dearest secret agent, to take our imagination around the world and take us away, at least for a couple of hours, of our routine. Thank you for letting us dream.

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