We saw every Netflix movie of 2020 and this is our top 3

In Yaay, we like movies. A lot. After a lot of readers asking us to recommend and to a ranking of the best movies, we decided to write about the top 3 movies in every category: action, animated, comedy, drama, romance and thriller. Watch the trailers below.

  • Our top 3 are 'The Old Guard', Extraction and Power Project.
  • The movies feature Hollywood stars Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth and Jamie Foxx.
  • Having one famous actor assures interest from the audience and Netflix exploits that benefit tremendously.

1) The Old Guard

This movie has the classic Hollywood success combo: a diverse team with personalities/looks (where people can relate to some of them), beautiful women and a lot of shootings.

Just like the successful Spanish series Money Heist where they set up different characters viewers can relate too, this movie does it perfectly. The story doesn't convince us pretty much but it's commercial. It also sets a desire, the concept of being "forever alive" and despite is something everybody wishes for, it's not that funny.

2) Extraction

What else can you ask? Beautiful super-skill man (Chris Hemsworth) dealing in a foreign land with millionaires that have shady businesses, incredible sceneries and surprising plot twists of betrayal. Extraction definitely makes the rank after being the #1 success worldwide.

The actor has a lot to do here, we wouldn't be sure if it would be as great with another actor, but it's funny, you get to see some shirtless scenes that made a lot of people blush and it has a happy ending.

3) Project Power

We think this is the most "profound" one of the 3, because it brings the thrill and adrenaline that some pill can give you "superpowers". A story that sadly, many people can relate to in the real world.

Jamie Foxx in the Netflix action movie.

Superpowers, action and something that could be real (but not) with the mix of two wonderful actors like Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are a great combo for someone to enjoy a thrilling night with popcorn and nachos!

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