Director Tyler Perry’s spectacular Atlanta estate

Director Tyler Perry’s spectacular Atlanta estate

The 50-year-old American entertainer owns a royal mansion. Ty is thinking of building a private airport on the colossal  property. This might lead to the 35000 square-foot palace getting its own zip code. The building has been under construction for many years and will soon become a completed project. Watch the aerial view of the massive house below!

  • The writer and producer has a net worth of $1 billion.
  • He has an American film production company in Atlanta, known as Tyler Perry Studios.
  • Madea’s Family Reunion’s star is married to Gelila Bekele, who is an Ethiopian model.
  • They have a 5-year-old son named Aman Tyler Perry.

The incredible mansion is located in the woods near Atlanta. It’s far away so that one can have some privacy and peace. An extensive lap pool decorates the magnificent entrance to the estate.

Tyler Perry, the billionaire

His child's happiness is everything to the billionaire. Aman is fond of horses that is why Tyler is planning to convert some land into a farm with animals in it. He wants his son to enjoy the outdoors.

Tyler’s 330 acre studio is also situated near the premises. He’s making the most of his Perryland and enjoys all leisure it has to offer.

The billionaire won't be using commercial airports anymore, as he is constructing his own runway. Rolling in money, the celebrity will possibly be having his collection of private jets soon too. With the coronavirus pandemic on the rise rich people are trying to segregate themselves from the public as much as they can. Is this the reason he's planning to build his own runway to avoid a high-risk zone like airports? 

Watch below how Tyler Perry worked his way from poverty to billionaire.

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