Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick

Top 5 Hollywood serial daters!!

We have a list of the celebrities that had dated most people so far (That we know of). We are sure that you will be surprised by some names and numbers that you'll see. Read more to meet Hollywood's "best daters".

• -Since unmemorable times men have been portrayed as unfaithful and ambiguous but that changed in the past decades.
• -There are many and great examples of famous couples that had been together for a long time such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick for 23 years!.
• -Famous people mostly date public figures like them, that's a fact.

Brad is dating a supermodel after being married to Angelina Jolie

More often than rarely, fame and monogamy don't go together like fish & chips. Must be really hard being so public and wanted by so many. I mean, would you settle for someone being a young and successful celebrity? Or would you rather have fun and try new things instead? The following celebrities chose the second option. This is our top 5 Hollywood serial daters.

Mayer and Swift in their time together. Source: Getty

5- John Mayer. This 42-year-old singer has dated beautiful girls like Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Jennifer Aniston. He ranks 5 with 12 known affairs.

4- Kristen Dunst. The beautiful young actress has dated 15 different lucky guys, among them, we can find the names of Ryan Gosling, Tobey Maguire, and Adam Levine

3- Justin Timberlake is number 3, with 22 girls counting his wife Jessica Biel and youth love Britney Spears.

Paris has dated several men until getting married

2- Paris Hilton. Heiress of an empire and responsible for breaking 23 hearts. Our number one dater is in her list and also Adam Levine and Nick Carter. (Maybe Adam should be in our top 5 too).

Leo is known for dating supermodels. Source: Getty

1- Leonardo DiCaprio ranks number 1 with 28. His long list of amorous conquests includes Paris Hilton (rumored), Bar Rafaely, and Blake Lively.

Where you surprised by any of the names? Leave us a comment!


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