Meghan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly. Meghan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly.

Top 3 Hollywoods' new couples

We have recently been able to confirm new couples that until now were just rumors. Instagram photos, walks through French vineyards and photo caption confirmations have given us the green light to announce these three 2020 couples. Keep reading to find out about them.  

  • The COVID-19 pandemic might have made knowing new people a little harder. Specially with social distancing.
  • It's hard to find love these days, specially for Hollywood stars that have tight schedules and lots of fans.
  • Some celebrities tend to jump from one relationship to another while other prefer spending time with themselves.

Many rumors have been around these celebrities lately regarding love.

Some of them left us in suspense for months and others still keep the mystery.

The truth is that thanks to these photos and posts we can consider these explosive couples of the year official. Check out our list.

1. Halle Berry. Though the actress has stated many times she was absolutely happy being single, a couple of months ago she posted on her Instagram a photo with  two extra feet that weren't hers. The mystery man was revealed also on Instagram. It's singer Van Hunt!  We're happy for her.

Brad Pitt and Nicole spotted going to France.

2. Brad Pitt and Nicole Poturalski. The 56-year-old actor and 27-year-old model haven't gone official yet, but they've been seen together many times.

Besides, she doesn't deny the affair on her Instagram messages so... 
They were spotted together many times since they met last year.

Brad even took her to his Estate in France which he bought with his ex-wife Angelina Jolie.

3. Meghan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly. The rapper made in official on his Instagram.

They met on set while filming the upcoming movie Midnight in The Switchgrass, in Puerto Rico.

The film has resumed shooting, and we'll be able to see the sparks between them soon. We hope they last til the premiere.


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