Brad Pitt, SNL. Brad Pitt, SNL.

Top 3 Emmy winners for outstanding guest in a comedy series

The Emmy Awards are about to be held, and we have already given you some of the nominees. We've been remembering other editions too. This time we want to review 3 stars that were nominated or won for their turn in SNL. Keep reading to know them.

  • Emmy Awards' first edition was celebrated on January 25th 1949 in Los Angeles.
  • This award honors excellence in national TV prime-time programming.
  • It was named after "immy" which is an image orthicon tube. Very common in early TV cameras."

Saturday Night Live is one of the most important shows on America's television.

Many great figures of comedy took their first steps on the show. Top celebrities made their way through the show as special guests or as hosts.

SNL is going back to studio in October.

The Emmy Awards have a category where they reward the outstanding performance of an actor or actress invited to a comedy series.

Here we leave you three that we have chosen to stand out for their award or nomination in this category.

Melissa Mc Carthy as Sean Spicer.

1. Melissa Mc Carthy. She won outstanding guest actress in a comedy series in 2017 for her hosting in SNL but probably what won it was her portrayal of "Spicey" Sean Spicer, former White House press Secretary.

Alec Baldwin as Dunald Trump, 2017.

2. Alec Baldwin got into Donald Trump skin and won the statue for best supporting actor in a comedy series. Trump had been nominated before for his reality The Apprentice but didn't win. Apparently Baldwin won it for him.

Brad Pitt's impression of Dr. Anthony Fauci

3. Brad Pitt. The 56-year-old actor is nominated this year in the category of outstanding guest actor for his three-minute appearance in SNL as Dr Anthony Fauci.

He did a hilarious impression of the leader of the White House Coronavirus Task Force.

Do you think Brad's gonna win? Stay alert to know all the winners of this year.

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