Cruise never fails to amaze the community.

Tom Cruise puts his body on the line (once again)!

The three-time Golden Globe winner has certainly gotten the audience used to mind blowing performances, not only due to his enviable ability to embody characters on screen, but also for his notable athletic capacity. Recently, he was spotted in Norway doing a perilous motorcycle jump for one of his movies! Read below to find out more!

  • Hollywood superstar Cruise's hazardous acrobatic stunt took place during the shooting of Mission: Impossible's seventh volume.
  • Astounding fitness levels combined with an immense dose of bravery was required in order to get the scene so flawlessly executed.
  • The ostentatious New York native boasts a net worth of $570 million. Safe to say his courage has been adequately rewarded!

Is there anything Tom Cruise can't do? The answer is crystal clear: No! Even in his late fifties, he definitely continues delivering at the highest level. During the filming of Mission: Impossible 7, he was asked to carry out an extremely exhausting stunt, where utterly perfect self-control and balance was demanded.

Sky-high complexity is certainly a valid terminology to describe this never-seen-before trick, which, to top it off, involved parachuting and a gigantic ramp as well! But frankly, that's just another day at the office for our beloved celebrity!

The incredible feat left everyone bowled over. Source: Daily Mail

It's blatantly obvious the stuntman takes his peculiar job way too seriously. Such is the case, that he reportedly put at the film's crew disposal a $500.000 ship with the object of avoiding any possible delays amid the COVID-19 outbreak!

No doubt social networks instantly exploded when the first photos and videos regarding the adrenaline-packed trick turned viral! 

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