Tom on the set of Mission Impossible 7. Tom on the set of Mission Impossible 7.

Tom Cruise gives incredible gift to his film crew!

Tired of so many setbacks in the production of his new movie (Mission Impossible 7), the 58-year-old actor, Tom Cruise made the decision to take all his film crew on a cruise. Yes, that’s right! The actor paid $500.000 dollars to continue filming with all his staff and catch up with the 5-month delay due to the pandemic, Covid-19. Read more below!

  • Mission Impossible series has made a total of $3.578 billion worldwide.
  • Fallout was the film that made the most, earning a total of $220,159,104.
  • The Hollywood actor has earned $75 million for the second and third Mission Impossible.
The actor performing an extreme stunt.

Filming was resumed in Norway and hopefully, it will not encounter any more delays. The idea is to create a safe floating city to minimize the risks of infection for cast and crew. But, is Norway safe?

Filming on a cruise in Norway.

The Scandinavian government suspended all cruise services, in July, after the pandemic outbreak in the Roald Amundsen ship. The Norwegian government has allowed director Christopher McQuarrie is exempt of the quarantine measures. All staff members are submitted to strict control measures, where they are tested 48h after landing in Norway and are receiving daily health check ups.

Tom Cruise is performing the majority of stunts, proving he still can at his age. He was seen jumping from a motorcycle at great speed from a 150mts high slope. Tom has once again proven there is no such thing as a Mission Impossible. Watch the trailer of the last Mission Impossible to catch up with Ethan Hunt.


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