Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise's marriage

The truth about Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise's marriage

At the time the actors met during the filming of the movie Days of Thunder from the year 1990, their relationship led to speculation and rumors. Were they truly in love? They married one day before Christmas! What happened exactly? After a new picture of their daughter came out to light, questions started popping again.     

  • The couple married on December 24, 1990. Cruise was 28 years old and Nicole 22.
  • They have two children together: Isabella and Connor.
  • The Australian actress has revealed the real reason why she married Cruise and shocked several fans, women specially!
Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise's marriage. Source: Getty

The Hollywood actors Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise got married in 1990. They met while recording the film "Days of Thunder" when the actress was only 22. Then, they decided to adopt a son and a daughter. However, after 11 years of marriage, the couple shocked their audience with a divorce.

Since then, the Australian actress has revealed the real reason why she married Cruise. She does not deny it was a great relationship but added that being married to such an important figure as Cruise let her grow in her career. Also, marrying an extremely powerful man prevented her from being harassed.

It was precisely this which led her to receive a lot of criticism for positioning herself as a woman who needs to be protected by a man. What do you think?

Honestly, as a woman it would be naive to think there is no harassment or discrimination and of course being married to someone that has a lot of power between the Hollywood industry has it perks. But that is like everything in life. Even in the animal kingdom being the toughest animal has it perks. They usually receive more food and get to choose first. In this case, the actress commented after everything that happened under the #MeToo movement where powerful men in the industry abused their powers and ended up in jail like Harvey Weinstein. Hopefully, laws are established, and we run towards equality in every area. What Kidman meant was, that 30 years ago it wasn't like that and the series "Mad Men" portrays the perfect example of it. 

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