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The secrets of Christopher Nolan’s epic movie “Tenet”!

Christopher Nolan makes films to enjoy at the theater. The director has shot six of his feature films in 70 mm IMAX format. So it is logical that he earnestly asked fans to see his new movie “Tenet” in theaters. Scroll down to find out all the secrets about the “movie event” of 2020!

  • Nolan’s breakthrough came when he directed the psychological thriller “Memento”.
  • He is well known for directing “The Dark Knight Trilogy” in which he reinvented the Batman movie franchise.
  •  “Tenet” has earned more than $ 200 million globally at the box office.

“Tenet” is a Sci-Fi, action-thriller in co-production between the United Kingdom and United States. The movie has an A-list cast of stars: including Robert Pattinson, John David Washington, Elizabeth Debicki, Michael Caine and Kenneth Branagh

British director Christopher Nolan took over five years to write the screenplay and he is been thinking about this movie for more that a decade. The movie plot follows a secret agent played by actor John David Washington who has the goal to prevent World War III.

Tenet movie poster - Source: Warner

Nolan movies are remarkably original and full of twists. The secret is in the title of the movie a: palindrome, which means a word that reads the same backward as forward. Nolan plays with this idea creating something he calls “time inversion”.

His leading character has to fight international espionage for the survival of the world in a journey beyond real time. But this is not time travel, you might see the same scene twice in time inversion!

Nolan is a big fan of the James Bond series. He remembers watching  “The Spy Who Loved Me” with Roger Moore with his father when he was seven years old.

Recently he saw it again with his children and he remembered that the movie opened up the possibility of appearing anywhere in the world.

He has devoted much of his career trying to regain that feeling for audiences that old spy movies bring about. Pure escapism!

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