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The secret meaning of Pedro Almodovar's face mask

Pedro Almodovar chose the Venice Film Festival to make the world premiere of "The Human Voice", the Spanish director's first English language film. The short film is based on Jean Cocteau's theater play with the same name and it's a piece that has inspired other Almodovar's films in the past. Tilda Swinton stars the movie, and they posed together at the screening of the film both wearing face masks as COVID-19 protocol. The news is that the director's face mask had a hidden message. Keep reading to find out!

  • Pedro Almodovar is a 70-year-old Spanish director.
  • He won an Oscar in 2000 with "Todo Sobre Mi Madre" as the best foreign film of the year.
  • The successful director has a net worth of $20 million.

"The Human Voice" is Pedro Almodovar's first English language film and it's having such great reviews so far that he has decided to shoot two more after his upcoming film "Madres Paralelas". He posed with actress Tilda Swinton at the screening of the film and the press couldn't help noticing the logo on the face mask he was wearing.

Pedro Almodovar's controversial face mask.

In the right top of the mask, you could see written (very ti BTW) Top Manta. Do you know what it means?. Let us enlighten you. Thousands of African immigrants go to Spain looking for new opportunities, most of them work to send money to their families back home. The problem is that they are not Spanish citizens and therefore they can't get a formal job, so they make their living as street sellers. They sell many things from socks to pirate movies and people call their business "Top Manta".

An example of "top manta" in Barcelona, Spain.

So, people started wondering if Pedro was supporting film piracy, au contraire my friends what he's actually supporting is an association founded to raise money to help African immigrants in Spain, so they can stop selling imitation items.

Thank you, Pedro, for your contribution and for boosting such a good initiative!

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