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The rise of “No Time to Die” star actress Ana de Armas!

We are so glad to see our new favorite superstar rise and shine! Unless you have been living on Mars you will know that we gave you the exclusive news that Ana de Armas is dating Ben Affleck and they’re the most romantic couple of 2020. Do you know she’s being cheeky in her highly publicised romance story? Scroll down to find out!

  • Ana de Armas, 31 has been dating A-list star Ben Affleck, 47 since March 2020 when they went on vacation together to Havana, Cuba.
  • The Cuban actress appeared recently in the streets of Milan as the star of a Campari short film directed by Matteo Garrone, Cannes prize-winning filmmaker.
  • Ana de Armas has been chosen as the New Global Ambassador for Only Natural Diamonds. She is the star of ‘For Moments Like No Other’ Campaign.

Ana’s is a wonderful actress that first impressed us with her amazing performance in “Knives Out”.  In fact you are going to see her everywhere in 2020! She is playing Marilyn Monroe in an upcoming Netflix biopic and she is the new Bond girl in “No Time to Die.”

Ana de Armas stars in Only Natural Diamonds campaign

I think she is taking seriously being a Bond girl because, well, “Diamonds Are Forever”. Ana is working on a campaign with Only Natural Diamonds, a company that upholds ethical standards and ensures the wellbeing and safety of local communities who work in diamond mines. Here is a peek of the glamorous advert in which Ana stars with none other than a Ben Affleck look-alike!

So did you spot Ana wearing the most beautiful and stylish diamonds, and the scene in which she is hugging a handsome gentleman who is the double of Ben Affleck? Oh! We can’t wait to see the real couple in the movie “Deep Water” a thriller that will hit the big screen on November 13!

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