Jennifer Aniston surprised Jennifer Aniston surprised

The funny photo of Jennifer Aniston that defines Emmys 2020

The Hollywood star did it again. She broke all the Instagram records by uploading a picture and quickly becoming more likes than never before. In an hour she received over 1.2 million likes. Why? And please tell us how! She was just wearing pajamas and a face mask! Only Jen can pull that off! Watch the picture below.

  • The actress has been nominated 6 times in her life for the Grammy Awards.
  • She won in 2002 as a Lead Actress in a Comedy Series (Friends) playing her wonderful role as 'Rachel'.
  • Making an incredible comeback after 6 years, she is nominated for Lead Actress in a Drama Series for 'The Morning Show'.

There is a point in every person life where you don't need to do anything else. Regardless of what you reached, it's all good. You don't care anymore, because hardly you will ever change.

If you happen to be multi-millionaire (300 million net worth), 51 years-old, dated the most beautiful men on the planet, you can have the luxury of posting a picture hiding absolutely nothing and people will love it. I mean, who doesn't?

In her caption she wrote "Congratulations to the nominees and all of the amazing performances we’ve seen this year", sending super positive vibes preparing to watch the ceremony in her house, comfy with a glass of champagne (Don't you wonder how much that bottle costs?) probably eating the best sushi of Los Angeles.

Jennifer Anniston with Maria Sharapova & Reese Witherspoon on the Morning Show

She is smiling because on top of that, Aniston will probably win. Celebrities like Jessica Biel (the wife of Justin Timberlake), tennis star Maria Sharapova and many other famous responded her giving love and great feedback.

In one photo, Jennifer told us what we all were thinking. Let's celebrate life, from the magical place of our couch. Love it! 

Watch the moment where she found out that was nominated for this year!

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