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The funny (and smart) answer of Jennifer Gardner to haters

Superstars normally don't respond to negative (or positive) comments on their social media. But this star likes to keep her ground. After being asked if she was expecting a baby, the actress  politely took a ladder to the sky, and responded from the clouds graciously. Keep reading to find out how the situation unfolded. 

  • Jennifer Garner is a 48 years old American actress, producer and entrepreneur.
  • She has won a Golden Globe Award and a Screen Actor Guild Award alongside many others.
  • Her estimated net worth is nearly $60 million.
  • The actress shared a video from her farmhouse in Locust Grove, Oklahoma, in which she introduced her fans to the pets that she wittingly called the farm’s walking lawnmowers.

In the video, Jennifer was wearing a black and white striped shirt with an overall dress and maroon rain boots. She was asked by a fan if she was pregnant. A lot of people criticized the comment and asked the lady to delete it right away.

jennifer wearing a striped shirt with an overall

Jennifer handled the situation gracefully and replied in a witty yet affirming, tone “I’m 48, have three healthy kids, and am not and never will be pregnant. We can lay that pupper to rest.” She further added that she might have gained some weight during the lockdown. Yes. “But that is another story,” she said.

Jennifer looking ever-young

In the end, she added a pizza, taco, doughnut, and a few other food emojis to clarify the comment. We loved how Jennifer stopped people from making offensive comments about her once and for all, that too in a very courteous way.

Fans also applauded the star on her remarkably on-point answer to what people called “a ridiculous comment.” They admired Jennifer’s ever-young physique saying that she doesn’t look 48 at all.

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