Sofia Vergara reveals everything in a throwback picture Sofia Vergara reveals everything in a throwback picture

Sofia Vergara reveals everything in a throwback picture

That the Latin star is incredibly beautiful is no mystery to anyone. Can you imagine her 20 years ago? The actress posted a #tbt picture in the 1990s lying at the beach with only her bottom underwear! Fans went crazy, as well as we! Watch the pictures below.

  • Sofia is 48 years old and still looks incredibly young.
  • The actress started her career as a model in her native land Colombia.
  • She was so successful that got a deal to work in Miami, Florida and from there ended up in Hollywood. 
  • Vergara has been named the highest paid actress in 2020 (once again) and has a net worth of $180 million.

Sofia. Bikini. Beach. What can go wrong? Absolutely nothing. 20 years ago magazines hired the Colombian star for her incredible figure, big lips and flirty looks. And boy did she know how to do it.

Fans flipped after she posted it and commented things like "who said that angels are only in heaven ? This isn't true, because I see an angel on Earth.

Sofia Vergara in a Ferrari in the 2000's in Los Angeles

As the actress one said in an interview "women with bigger front are more successful". Do you think it's true? In her case, it definitely helped.

Despite having a thick accent, she managed to get several roles in series like "Eve", the sitcom of UPN, "Rodney" from ABC and finally on "Modern Family". She has now closed a $10 million deal to be a judge on America's Got Talent.

Fun fact: after painting her hair darker, she got more jobs. We love that she still shares moments from her youth. Sofia was, is and will be forever, a diamond!

Watch her stunning transformation from model to actress in the video below:

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