Sofia Vergara: The 'Modern Family' star has become officially the highest paid actress from 2020

Sofia Vergara is the highest paid actress in the world

The 'Modern Family' star has become officially the highest paid actress from 2020. After having the crown for 7 years in a row, she 'lost it' last year against Scarlet Johansson and now got on the podium again. She just broke her own record: $500.000 per episode! Read more below to know exactly how she made that fortune.

  • The 5′ 7″ Colombian star has a net worth of $180 million and lives with her husband Joe Mangianiello and her 28-year-old son Manolo in a mansion in Beverly Hills.
  • In the last 12 months Vergara earned 43 million dollars product of her acting and endorsement deals.
  • Actresses Angelina Jolie and Gal Gadot from Israel earned a staggering amount of 35 and 31 million respectively. 

For some, the ending of 'Modern Family' was terrifying. But for many others, rewarding. After 11 years of the show, it will allow the actors to develop other activities (like holidays) but Sofia doesn't stop.

She signed a lucrative $10 million deal as a judge for America's Got Talent. And fans love it. Not only for her beauty, but for her catching Latin accent and funny reactions. 

Sofia Vergara at the Oscars' Awards ceremony. Source: Getty

Some actors have it difficult after playing a character for so many years. Despite "Gloria" (her character from the TV show) will be forever in our hearts, Sofia has been developing her career from student, to model, to Latin dramas' actress, to the top of Hollywood.

She once even stated that had her hair dyed to a darker color, and then she started getting way more roles. Directors wanted her not only to sound like a Latina but to look like one.

 Vergara also has several businesses including a clothing line that she sells at Walmart, advertising for brands like Head & Shoulders and social media collaborations.

Her ability to transform, to model, to adapt is a clear example of what everyone of us should do, specially in these changing times. Well deserved, Sofia! Enjoy your millions! 

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