Selling Sunset's full cast before season 3 trailer.

Selling Sunset's fourth season coming soon?

Hardly can anyone put in doubt the tremendous impact this celebrated reality is having on the Hollywood world. Ardent followers of the multiple record-breaking show are eagerly waiting for fresh news about it. Check out what Mary Fitzgerald has for them!

  • Season 3 was premiered on August 7th, and has already successfully achieved to cope with the lofty expectations from the fans.
  • The brokerage holds an estimated $1 billion in concept of closed sales. These people definitely know a thing or two about how to make money!
  • In spite of season 3 being already a resonant hit, the sequel has not been confirmed yet. 

Ever since Selling Sunset was first aired in March 2019, those fond of both emotional and electric realities have been inexorably hooked to the series.

The series has managed to instantly engage the audience from the very first moment.

In a nutshell, this first-rate show follows the ups and downs of a fierce competition between a prestigious Los Angeles-based group of brokers, where each agent unceasingly tries to persuade affluent individuals to buy sumptuous properties.

Unfortunately for the fans, only the scarce number of eight episodes were released during season 3, therefore leaving them lusted for more! Well, Mary has something pretty special for them!

Due to Selling Sunset's massive repercussion, the cast has built a terrific reputation in the entertainment industry.

Although an official announcement from Netflix is yet to be made, Fitzgerald recently sentenced the cast is absolutely confident about the imminent arrival of a wide range of additional episodes, hence hinting an upcoming season is round the corner!

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