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Actor Ryan Goslings' top 5 movies you need to watch!

Ryan Gosling has grown up in front of our televisions. We have known him since he was a child when he participated in the Mickey Mouse Club. During his 27-year career he has made more than thirty films. Read onto know which were the best 5.  

  • Ryan Thomas Gosling was born 39 years ago in Ontario, Canada.
  • He has an estimated net worth of $70 million.
  • Throughout his career the actor has played more than 34 characters. 
Ryan and his partner Eva Mendes. Source: Alamy

He is a native of Canada but over the years he has become one of the most important figures on the American film scene. A heartthrob who has proved to be more than just a pretty face and has delighted us with his talent in more than 30 films. Today we have put together a top 5 of Ryan Gosling's best movies according to the critics.

Ryan Gosling in The Big Short

1. The Big Short, 2015. A satirical drama that takes a look at the global financial crisis of 2007/2008. The actor got on Jared Vennett's shoes, a salesman looking for a big shot.

A scene from The Notebook

2. The Notebook, 2004.

One of his most iconic roles. Next to Rachel Mc Adams. Noah and Alisson fight against life obstacles to stay together.

A romantic comedy based on the book of the same name by Nicholas Sparks.

Drive poster.

3. Drive, 2011.

A lot of action in the movie, Gosling portrays a stunt driver whose decisions impact in those around him.

The movie got an Academy Award nomination for best Sound Editing.

Blade Runner 2049 also starring Harrison Ford

4. Blade Runner 2049, 2017.

The movie is the sequel to Blade Runner from Ridley Scott in 1982.

In the movie the 39-year-old actor plays a human with above- average capabilities.

A scene from La la Land

5. La La Land 2016.

Nominated for an Oscar as best Movie.

The musical film got very good critics and a great box office collection. 

An extra fact about this movie is Ryan took piano lessons, so he could play all the songs his character did.
What's your favorite?

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