Rebel Wilson smiling a lot Rebel Wilson smiling a lot

Rebel Wilson shares a picture with her surprisingly lookalike sister

2020 has been Rebel Wilson's year of health. The 40-year-old actress has proved to be an example of self-improvement as well as an inspiration to her almost 9 million followers. This time we had the chance to meet one of her sisters in a photo that the Pitch Perfect actress shared on her Instagram account. Keep reading to find out all the details.

  • Melanie Elizabeth Wilson AKA Rebel Wilson, was born in Australia 40 years ago.
  • She has an estimated net worth of $22 million.
  • The actress of Pitch Perfect lost nearly 40 pounds this year and weighs 183 pounds.
  • Rebel has three siblings. Annachi, Ryot and Liberty.

The blonde actress said this was her year of health, but it has definitely been Rebel Wilson's year for us.

Fans can't believe how good she looks in her new figure.

The Pitch Perfect actress just can't stop looking great on social media.

Rebel Wilson's outfit for a private dinner with prince Albert in Monaco.

We can tell that this epic weight loss has led her to play much more with fashion and wear impressive outfits.

This time the actress shared a photo with one of her sisters, Annachi Wilson. They both look a lot alike. They could even be twins!

One of them is 11 years younger, though. Can you guess who?

That was the question that the actress of Isn't it Romantic made to her 9 million followers in the caption.

 All comments from fans were of love and gratitude towards Rebel, who by the way is the oldest.

The two sisters were on set, shooting a commercial together. 

It's always very good news when a celebrity is an inspiration to the audience, on many comments they thank the actress for being a motivation on their own weight loss journey.

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