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Rebel Wilson is about to reach her weight loss goal

Rebel Wilson does it one more time! We can't stop being surprised by the weight loss of this famous actress. It is amazing that she's about to reach her goal. Read on and find out how her process was and how many pounds she still has to lose.

  • Melanie Elizabeth Wilson AKA Rebel Wilson, was born in Australia 40 years ago.
  • Throughout her career she has grossed an estimated net worth of $22 million.
  • The actress of Pitch Perfect lost nearly 52 pounds this year and weighs 171 pounds.
  • Producers of the movie Pitch Perfect made her sign a contract where she agreed not to lose weight!


The 40-year-old actress Rebel Wilson declared at the beginning of 2020 that this would be her year of health.

Her goal of 165 pounds is very close. 6 pounds more and the Pitch Perfect actress will be her best version.

A lot of exercise and a strict diet is the secret of Wilson's success.

A few days ago, she shared a photo of her on Instagram on great shape.

The actress of Isn't it Romantic? Captioned she was hiking and that she only had 6 pounds left to reach her goal.

We are sure that three months will be enough to get to her dream body.

Maybe she'll even go down a bit more. Of course her new boyfriend, businessman Jacob Busch is being a motivation for Rebel.

In fact, the Australian actress of How to be Single also commented that they exercise together a lot.

We are very happy to see her so well and that she has found a partner to be by her side during this journey.

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