Nicole Poturalski

Pitt's girlfriend Nicole Poturalski's insight to society

Nicole Poturalski came to crack one of the structures that have ever existed in the current society we live in. We would never imagine a woman being celebrated for having two boyfriends at the same time. She actually is, and the coveted Brad Pitt is one of them. Keep reading to know more about what we can learn from this incredible story!

  • The German model is supposedly in an open marriage with her 68-year-old husband, Roland Mary. With whom she has a seven years old boy in common. 
  • Nicole speaks five languages and founded an organization to help sharks. Is she never going to stop surprising us? 
  • She is now dating the gorgeous Brad Pitt, ex Angelina Jolie's husband. They were first photographed together in November 2019.
  • Both of her relationships, the one with the Borchardt restaurant's owner and with the Hollywood star, are socially accepted. 
Nicole Poturalski

As we all know, things are getting kind of weird in the last years. Fortunately, that weirdness is giving a lot of people the courage to be who they really are and enjoy their lives in the best way for them.

It's a fact that men have always had more permissions than women in the love relationship's aspects. For example, we are all conscious of the idea that if a man was getting involved with more than a woman he was tagged as a champ.

Nicole Poturalski and her son

On the other side, if a woman was dating or getting involved with more than a man, her attitude, was considered as an unappropriated behavior. Nevertheless, things had changed for the better, and now, we are learning to be fewer judges and more comprehensives.

Left: Brad Pitt - Right: Roland Mary

For sure Nicole is showing us that you can relate like this if it makes you and the others happy. The model seems to be having a really great time with her both partners. We can imagine that with Roland Mary, she gets into a more familiar mood, sharing beautiful things like the raising of their child. On the other hand, with Brad Pitt, she is for sure having so much fun enjoying their adventures and loving moments.

If none of them cares in a bad way about having this kind of relation, why should we? It's really a joy for us to see society evolving into ways in which freedom is the main character. In the end, there is only a thing that matters: Love is love!

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