OMG is Bruce Willis really reprising his role in Die Hard? OMG is Bruce Willis really reprising his role in Die Hard?

OMG is Bruce Willis really reprising his role in Die Hard?

In case you didn't know, Die Hard movies are one of the best action movies ever! Apparently, actor Bruce Willis could reprise John McClean on the big screen. Keep reading to find out more.

  • Die Hard is an action film series primarily based on the novel Nothing Lasts Forever from 1979.
  • The first movie of this 6 film series was released in 1988 and has always starred Bruce Willis as Detective John McClane.
  • It has been rumored since 2018 that after the series' last installment A Good Day To Die Hard in 2013, a new one would be released under the name McClane only and set in 1976.

His daughter Rumer Willis posted a 15-second video on his Twitter account hinting that the iconic role of her 65-year-old father could return to play detective John McClane.

There is nothing official yet and in fact, it may be something else like a series or a spin-off of the mythical Die Hard franchise.

Unbreakable, Split and Glass are connected 2019 years later. This is a must see trio

The certain thing is that the fans would be delighted that a new installment is released in theaters.

Bruce Willis is an expert in action movies and also likes to reinterpret characters from the past several years later.

This is the case of Glass in 2019 where we can see Bruce again incarnate his role in Unbreakable from 2000 with Samuel L Jackson.

Personally, I think it's a spin-off where detective John McClane is to retire and must solve one last case, he will surely be accompanied by a young actor.

Well, maybe my mind is flying too high. We will keep you updated on all the news about this mystery.

Meanwhile, you enjoy this video.

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