Brad Pitt using his cellphone Brad Pitt using his cellphone

Netflix documentary "The social dilemma" is trending in USA

Netflix has done it again. They took a product everybody basically uses (social media) and investigated the bones of it. Fans are somehow fascinated and anxious at the same time because of the truth they've uncovered. Many celebrities like Justin Bieber have been discovered using them and other have lost their jobs because of it. Watch the trailer and our review below!

  • The movie explains how social media platforms collect your data to predict behavior, generate sales and streaming revenue. 
  • Role of social media in different areas like elections and massive protests generates public debates. 
  • People are starting to use social media even as kids, or some parents create accounts for their babies!

Everybody you talk nowadays are using social media or even commenting on how their kids use them.  Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Tik-Tok are aimed for different generations, but they all serve the same purpose: to be connected. But what are the risks of posting personal information, photos and videos of yourself on the network. Who is using it?

Despite having a "private" profile, when you click on "accept" on the terms and conditions there is a gray area that is really hard to dive into. You know how everybody is saying "OMG I think my phone just listened to me"? Even if you search for something like skin care products then you 'magically' get an advertisement for a cream?

The "Social Dilemma" of being on your tech gadgets 24/7

Those and many other issues are explained by the people who created the algorithm and designed the mobile apps. And some of them aren't happy with the result.

There is so much to talk about this issue but in conclusion, the movie directs an issue many haven't even realized existed. From bullying problems to election dilemmas, we are getting "feedback" from our work and the way we look from hundreds of people.

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Also, celebrities might get millions or lose their jobs because of it. Like Justin Bieber, who was discovered on YouTube.

Elections could be shaped and our privacy could be in some ways be violated. But that is something for another day.

For now, we can enjoy the benefits of talking with our relatives who live in the other side of the country, follow our favorite stars and watch our movies while we enjoy this crazy year! 

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