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Luke Hemsworth reveals he wants to be a Marvel hero too

All three Hemsworth brothers have had successful careers in the entertainment industry. On the big or small screen the Australian trio managed to win the hearts of millions of fans around the world.  However, the only superhero in the family is the handsome Thor actor Chris. Until now. Keep reading to know more  

  • Hemsworth's bothers have a net worth of $119 million. $90 million belong to Chris.
  • The older brother, Luke has been rocking it with HBO's Westworld since 2016.
  • Luke Hemsworth is 39 years old and 5ft 11in tall.

In a recent interview, the Westworld actor confessed that he would love to follow his younger brother's footsteps and join the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Who do you think you would like to embody?

Not an Avenger as we could easily think.

Luke Hemsworth would like to play Wolverin in MCU

His dream is to portray the most iconic X Men. Wolverine is his favorite comic character and as the role became vacant he decided to apply to fill it.

Hugh Jackman already announced that he was leaving the mythical character who gave him so much satisfaction and gave us so much.

Now it's possible that a new version of Charles Xavier's Men will be made in the Marvel world and someone is going to have to take over.

Who will be the lucky one to inherit the claws? Do you think Luke would suit for it?

He already has experience in action scenes and heroism runs through his veins. LOL

We'll keep you posted! Meanwhile, enjoy this video the fans have already made picturing Luke as Wolverine.


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