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Let us introduce you to Ray Fisher

The American actor Ray Fisher has been in the public eye in recent months for publicly denouncing a situation that happened during the filming of The League of Justice with the replacement director, Joss Whedon. Keep reading to get to know him better.

  • Raymond Fisher was born 33 years ago in Baltimore, United Estates.
  • The actor stands at 6ft 3 in from the floor.
  • His big screen debut was a cameo in Batman vs Superman in 2016.

 Although we've seen him play the role of Cyborg in the DC universe, we don't know much more about the actor.

Today we decided to tell you a little more about him and his career.

Fisher playing Muhammad Ali on stage.

Looking at his resume, it is not surprising that he dared to go out to report mistreatment or lack of professionalism on set.

The African-American actor is a professional with formal training in drama and musicals. He graduated from the New York Musical and Dramatic Academy.

He was introduced to the world of acting by an English teacher at his school.

Ray Fisher is more of a stage actor than a screen one. He played Muhammad Ali himself in 2017 in Will Power's play Fetch Clay, Make Man.

We've seen him in some episodes of True Detective on TV.

The studio was planning on a standalone Cyborg movie but the project is on hold for now.

And now we're waiting for him to reprise his role as Cyborg in Zack Snyder's Justice League.

This film was highly demanded by the fans. Since the 2017 Justice League movie didn't get good reviews and not a good audience either.

This may be the real issue. The thing is  the cast was chosen by Snyder, who had to leave the film after the death of his daughter.

Famous director Joss Whedon. Also worked in Avengers from Marvel.

Hiring Whedon may not have been such a good idea.

Now Ray Fisher is getting more noticeable. 

With the movement he started and many actors are supporting him under the hashtag #Isatndwithrayfisher as well as referencing his postscript A> E, meaning accountability is greater than entertainment. Ouch!

Could this young man be marking a before and after in cooperation between actors looking for better working conditions?

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