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Leonardo DiCaprio explains whose vote counts on Netflix

The national presidential elections are just around the corner. On November 3 the Americans will have to chose their new leader. Hollywood's stars are pushing hard for people to vote. Leonardo DiCaprio is no exception. Keep reading to know all the details about his new miniseries with Netflix Whose Vote Counts.  

  • Leonardo DiCaprio was born 45 years ago in Los Angeles, California.
  • The actor has a net worth of$260 million.
  • He is a UN ambassador for climate change since 2014.


Leonardo DiCaprio broke many hearts in Titanic as Jack Dawson. 

In his more than 25-year career he has proven to be much more than a Hollywood heartthrob.

Leonardo DiCaprio giving a speech at United Nations.

The 45-year-old actor has shown versatility and a great talent on screen.

In addition to this, he has committed himself and is a tireless fighter to stop climate change and raise awareness in caring for the environment.

On this occasion, the actor has decided to collaborate in the Netflix project Whose Vote Counts to urge Americans to participate in the democratic process of the nation.

DiCaprio will be the narrator for one of the three episodes of the miniseries. Selena Gomez and John Legend will narrate the other two.

We're sure that all the efforts that are being made will not be in vain.

Ultimately we'll all be equal and our vote will count towards the creation of a better future for America.

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