Dakota Johnson's style Dakota Johnson's style

Know how to look as trendy as Dakota Johnson at all times

The 28-year-old actress is not only famous for her acting talent but also for her excellent styling. It doesn't matter if she's running errands or on a red carpet, she always stands out. If you want to look as good as her at all times, keep reading, and discover her fashion secrets.

  • Dakota Mayi Johnson was born 30 years ago in Austin, Texas.
  • Mother actress Melanie Griffith and father actor Don Johnson ended their relationship in 1996 but remain good friends.
  • From her career as model and actress, Dakota has grossed an estimated net north of $14 million. 
  • She is 5ft 7in tall.

In a top 10 of the best dressed in any ceremony, the actress from 50 Shades of Gray is always present.

Why? Because Dakota has a unique style and has mastered in certain trends over the years.

We have three of her favorite outfits so you too can look stylish at night and day, at home or at a fancy party.

Dakora Johnson loves blazers.

1. Wear a Blazer.

Not always of course, but whenever you want to make a plain outfit more sophisticated, blazers are a good choice to match with a pair of jeans and a white t shirt.


2. Whenever in doubt go black.

The actress of How to be single has proved that black is timeless.

No matter the trend color of the year, black is always a good choice.

Besides, there are no limits in shoes or purses' colors to combine with.

Dakota Johnson in jumpsuits

3. Jumpsuits can make you look gorgeous in a simple way.

We've realized that Melanie Griffith daughter likes jumpsuits very much, and they make her look stunning. There are many kinds and many ways to wear them.

Don't be afraid to try patterns either.

This is a great and easy way to look stylish in just one piece.

Follow me (or better Dakota) for more fashion advice.


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