Katie Holmes is deeply in love with her new chef boyfriend

The actress and mother to actor Tom Cruise's daughter Suri has found a new love after separating from Jamie Foxx in 2019. He is a celebrity chef from an Italian family called Emilio Vitolo, and they were first seen dating the first day of September in New York. Love is real and is going really fast. Read more below!

  • Her net worth is $25 million and moved to Manhattan in order to start a new life.
  • After some of her friends presented Emilio, they have been together 24/7.
  • Close friends say "she is into him, messaging every day nonstop". 
Katie kissing her boyfriend Emilio outside his restaurant in New York called "Emilio's Ballato"

Like a restaurant, love should be working 24/7. Specially at the beginning. If couples don't click at the beginning, surely they won't get a great chemistry after several years. 

 Emilio is used to seeing and working with celebrities. Whoopi Goldberg is a frequent client, former United States President Barack Obama as well and other celebrities like Bradley Cooper are seen inside. 

Look at actors Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones. They have been one of the longest relationships on Hollywood, and they are still happy as day one. And Katie is looking for the same after she moved from dating celebrity actors.

Having a chef as a boyfriend can be difficult due to the crazy gastronomical schedules, but she is already used to flying around the world, waiting weeks for her ex-husband Tom Cruise to come home.

Let's see if this city and boyfriend change mix gives result. We are surely hoping so, she looks stunning and happy with him!

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